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Un gioco per lo ZX SPECTRUM 128K
(48K per utenti DivIDE/DivMMC con ESXDOS)

A game for the 128K ZX SPECTRUM
(48K for DivIDE/DivMMC with ESXDOS users)

Un juego para ZX SPECTRUM 128K
(48K para usuarios de DivIDE/DivMMC con ESXDOS)

Gioco e manuale in: Game and manual in: Juego y manual en:


*** ITALIANO ***

Seguito ufficiale di DEATH PIT di Clive Townsend

"La grafica è magnifica, e mantiene lo spirito del gioco originale" - Clive Townsend

Sei un archeologo impegnato a esplorare uno scavo alla ricerca dei manufatti lasciati da un'antica e misteriosa civiltà. Nel corso della missione dovrai affrontare mostri, caverne inondate, gas venefici e terribili draghi!

Totalizza più punti possibile per acquistare equipaggiamenti che ti aiuteranno ad avanzare nel gioco.

Buona fortuna!

*** ENGLISH ***

The official sequel to Clive Townsend's DEATH PIT

"The graphics look gorgeous, and it retains the spirit of the original game" - Clive Townsend

You are an archaeologist exploring an excavation in search of artifacts left behind by an ancient and mysterious civilization. During the mission you will have to face monsters, flooded caves, poisonous gases and terrifying dragons!

Score as many points as possible to purchase equipment that will help you progress through the game.

Good luck!

*** ESPAÑOL ***

La secuela oficial de DEATH PIT de Clive Townsend

"Los gráficos son geniales, y mantiene el espíritu del juego original" - Clive Townsend

Eres un arqueólogo ocupado explorando una excavación en busca de artefactos dejados por una civilización antigua y misteriosa. ¡Durante la misión tendrás que enfrentarte a monstruos, cuevas inundadas, gases venenosos y dragones terroríficos!

Obtén tantos puntos como puedas para comprar equipo que te ayudará a progresar en el juego.

¡Buena suerte!


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Very cool game! Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 03:42:23. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂

But was Death Pit oficially released? It's awesome Doom Pit is the official sequel!


Hi, Death Pit was officially released on tape together with Doom Pit for Monument Microgames, in an exclusive double cassette bundle. Death Pit was previously unreleased and Clive Townsend kindly accepted it to be distributed on tape by MM. I was then asked if I could provide a sequel for it and so Doom Pit was born.

IndieRetroNews Salutes you! :D

Thank you for passing by here! :-D